Where did the dashboard go?

What happened to the getvera.com controller website? A few days ago it was there as ever, now it just offers a login link that doesn’t know me (my saved credentials for getvera.com don’t work.

I haven’t received any email about a change, and the website doesn’t have an obvious “Vera users go here” call out.

This is why I hate cloud-based home automation.

I’ve also noticed that although the Vera Internet light is green, it’s not showing up in my UniFi list of clients.That’s exceedingly troubling. Devices seem to work, though.

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Working for me just fine, no changes noted.

Hello @JetForMe,
Have you tried the website home.getvera.com? This is the official website to access Vera controllers’ home automation system and it remains the same despite the change on the main commercial website getvera.com. Please note that Vera controllers are not a cloud-based automation system, you can also access it through the IP address even without an internet connection. Sorry for the inconvenience, let us know if you experience any further issues.
Kind regards!

Just a quick update on this topic: Our main website was going through some changes in the past few days. You can access the login page for the home automation system from there again by clicking the button “Smart Home Login”.

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Thank you, this is what I was looking for.

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