Where are the Ezlo Staff folks?

Seem to be very few responses from Ezlo Staff the last couple weeks? Unusually quiet from these folks.

Any changes at Ezlo we should be aware of???

Not sure, I agree the Ezlo staff are normally very responsive and engaging in the forum, which has been good to see, as we have hardly any experts left here now.

Hi @curiousB. No changes! We’re here and we’re here to stay. We try to always keep an eye on the forum and whatever you guys need.


Maybe a lot of people are on vacation right now (I hope at least). There’s really not much going on here at the moment. I’m trying to kick things off again (see topic “Is Ezlo Plus Ready for Prime Time?”), but neither Ezlo stuff nor users respond…

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Hello @Odysee

We are here, how may we assist you?
Happy fathers day!


Jonathan Botero.
Customer Care Tier 1 Support.

I’ve not read that “Prime Time” thread lately. I have been pushing them to add some feature requests however for Mesbot rules. Main ones being labelling / folders to organise our Meshbot rules, so we don’t just end up with on long list of rules etc. They have been working on this and we can expect a new Meshbot page UI at some point.

The other main feature request for me is to have global conditions / exceptions. So you can add a condition that affects all actions within the rule. This vital functionality is currently missing in Meshbot’s. Not sure if they have started work on this one yet though.

Hi @curiousB , @Odysee yes you guessed right, I was also off last week. And there will be some more off time planned. But our customer support team is on duty 24/7
And we are working on the problems from the initial list.
Top priority is on Z-wave stability. It is much improved and is in beta now.
Second is Alexa. We already started doing the infrastructure from scratch. Meanwhile fixing the bugs that caused timeouts on Alexa calls.
We will update you soon about all progress.

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Maybe we should continue here to get things rolling again:

Of course everyone is entitled to a vacation. It’s good to hear that various things are being worked on in the background. It would be better if there was more communication towards users in the form of updates.

Updates for EZLogics are written pretty regularly every 1-2 weeks. But what happened to the “Newly Integrated Devices on Ezlo Platform”? I think the last one was in October last year. You rarely hear about firmware updates anymore. Ezlo Community Feature Request and Bug Tracker feels like a black hole. You throw in your suggestions for improvement/bugs/requests and it is very likely that nothing will happen.



ECS-480: Assigned but nothing has happened for over two years.

It’s not cleaned up either. You give feedback that everything is working now and the request is not closed (in this case the status is even “Waiting for customer” although I wrote as the current one).

@Odysee you are right. We should improve the feedback cycle. For FW we delayed the last update to get the stability issues solved. When it is released it is always announced on the forum.
For the Community bug tracker, we will start cleaning this week.
For the new devices, we were a bit slow. And added the last couple of devices to the compatibility page. But synchronously the website was updated. The support page will come back shortly and we will again start updating our device list as usual.
Thanks for your continuous interest and support on the platform. We really appreciate your support and doing our best.