When is Ezlo planning on implementing the vera plugin workspace?

I just had an hour long call with a very nice support rep from the vera/Ezlo side wondering when my Ezlo Plus would have pluging integration.

let me be clear, the reason vera was so popular was based soley on it’s community of plugin developers chugging hard to get us integrations for various systems. without them, this community would have died long ago.

Ezlo: please add a marketplace to allow the community to develop applications for the ezlo ecosystem. without them i would not be able to integrate my elk alarm system, my harmony remotes, my yamaha stereo systems.

without the community there is no difference between ezlo and every other proprietary based hub on the market which is doomed to fail. see wink, staples hub, iris etc

please heed my warning.

we need community development in the system, don’t let this fall on just your developers.

i don’t want to see this company die!


They are a very long way off a working GUI plugin framework. Much work to do before then to even get a stable system and feature parity with a Vera hub.

Plus they banned most 3rd party Devs off the forum.

So I wouldn’t be expecting a Harmony or other plugins anytime soon if ever.

They do support Broadlink RM Pro natively though apparently.


What about a Philips Hue plugin?

Most of my RGBW lights are Zigbee Hue.

Can’t control any of those with the Ezlo hub?

Exactly. I was wondering if maybe @fencing49 was implicitly asking Ezlo staff to re-admit the 15-20 hardcore Vera supporters/developers/fanboys who got banned from the Forum without warning earlier this year.

That was a very upsetting and hard series of posts to read, and the comparative silence here on the “new” forum is rather alarming, with virtually all the Leaderboard members now gone.

Ezlo could very well be bound for greatness, but this thread highlights some of the key assets needed to get them there in a reasonable time frame.

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I must have been away for quite a long time I was unaware that they banned all those app developers.

Was there any reason behind it or just because they wanted to take everything proprietary.

I’m seriously considering universal devices if this is the path that Vera/ezlo wants to take

Shit happened.

They were doing what they always did talking about Open Luup and Alt UI and regular things.

And pulling the firmware apart and generally doing what experts did.

All the top leaderboard forum members have now gone.

There are like five of us left here now.

My hope now at best is that an Ezlo hub can act as a decent Z-Wave and Zigbee radio hub.

With Multi System Reactor as the logic engine and Home Remote dashboard app as the GUI front end.

Anything else native from Ezlo seems a pipe dream still.

We havent even got a working Web GUI yet like Vera UI7 for all the device settings and configurations.

If that doesn’t happen I’m done and looking at other platforms.


Jesus that’s awful.

I stop going into home automation for like 5 years and the place is fucking falling apart when I get back.

I hope ezlo realizes that without the community their hub is going to die very quickly.

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I’ve told them and expressed my opinions on how important the community is and how it’s now a shadow of its former self.

I am still very happy with my Vera Plus running on Vera firmware.

I recently switched from PLEG to Multi System Reactor for the logic engine. That is outstanding they should of hired Patrick for a native logic engine.

And I switched from Imperihome to Home Remote dashboard app. Bill says he still has plans to support Ezlo hubs in Home Remote.

Vera hub is OK for all my Z-Wave devices, not so good for Zigbee devices, as Vera hubs never worked properly with them.

As I said I can only see a new Ezlo hub as a Z-Wave and Zigbee radio hub and even that is not for sure yet, with the slow development of the Web GUI and lack of certain key plugins, for me mainly Harmony and Hue.


Yeah this prompted me to make the switch over to home assistant and I have to say there’s no reason for me to go back to Vera now.

What an absolute shame I absolutely adored this community and the developers on it and for this company to come in and just nuke it overnight and leave everyone else hanging really just is like kicking sand in the face of people that have been with this ecosystem for decades.

And here I thought Logitech discontinuing Harmony was the biggest kick in the nuts :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I migrated to a Hubitat/Home Assistant/Multi-System Reactor/VeraSecure hybrid system. Hub handles the bulk of devices but I have one new Schlage Connect lock that just won’t play nice with it (the older one does, oddly) so that’s over on the VeraSecure where it’s very, very happy.

Home Assistant does great with OwnTracks which replaces the defunct Lobo beta that I’d been on as well as providing some very nice looking dashboards to play with on my mobile.

MSR handles 99% of the rules/logic.

VeraSecure and Hub are mostly z-wave engines and both seem very happy about their roles.


Same here, I use a Home Assistant/Multi-System Reactor/VeraPlus hybrid system in two separate PI’s with SSDs for HA and MSR which is very stable, for now … most of devices connected to Vera (mostly z-wave) and the rest (that is not integrated to Vera) to HA. All rules in MSR.

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If only the Reactor/MSR look & feel could be embedded in Home Assistant (eg. like an addon) I would probably move 100% away with all logic from the Vera and leave it as “zwave radio”.
Creating “automations” within Home Assistant still is far away from the easy-peasy workflow you can experience with Reactor/MSR.


I agree. I have no rules/logic in Vera today, just a z-wave radio. The logic is in MSR

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From the Ezlo platform FAQ:

I agree with most of your guy’s statements here, but it’s not my call, nor any of my colleague’s call to make things happen, unfortunately.


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There are no complex scenes in Vera or Ezlo hubs, AND OR NOT is just bare minimum and only recently been added to the Ezlo platform, but OR logic doesn’t even work or function properly in Ezlo scenes or not when I last tested it.

Vera hubs were long dead without 3rd party PLEG and later Reactor logic engines.

Ezlo hubs are maybe dead? Without MSR?

Still remains to be seen if any official native logic engine can come anywhere close or compete with MSR.

MSR is some kind of Voodoo magic created by some lone mystical wizard.

MSR has recently added support for Ezlo hubs, so maybe that 3rd party dev, has just saved the platform yet again.


I had over 100 logic rules in PLEG.

PLEG was really the only main reason I stuck with Vera for so long.

But PLEG wasnt easy to use or understand, but it did its job very well…

I never used Reactor plugin for Vera so can’t comment, but I know you all raved about it.

I switched to MSR a while ago, I’m running it under a desktop less Linux Debian installation on a £25 HP Thin Client machine.

Initially had it running on an old Raspberry Pi 2 with an SD card, but was worried about the long term stability of an SD card.

The thin client has a 16GB SSD card chip.

So I started migrating my 100 rules over to MSR and asked lots of dumb newbie questions along the way and found lots of bugs and made feature requests along the way also.

MSR was pretty stable from its very first release and now its at version 1.0.0 its even better.

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But we digress the OP’s original question was about a 3rd party plugin framework for the Ezlo hubs.

I’ve seen two or three plugins so far for Ezlo hubs, most if not all are created by Rene, one of our few, five maybe? Remaining 3rd party developers, who weren’t booted off the forum and banned.

Personally I can hope to see an Ezlo hub as a decent Z-Wave and Zigbee 3.0 radio.

Z-Wave comms and response times on my Ezlo Plus are bloody fast and lightening quick!

Yet the new Ezlo Web GUI is still letting us down, I’m pushing them for feature parity with Vera UI7 as far as device settings and configurations go.

But maybe with MSR as the logic engine and Home Remote as the front end dashboard app, if Bill does decide to add support for the Ezlo hubs? We might be at the same point we are today with Vera hubs.

If not the native Ezlo Dashboard Configurator needs to improve its game and fast.

Or maybe MSR will come to the rescue again?

MSR does have its own Web based dashboard but it hasn’t been touched in dev work since the MSR initial release. Maybe that will come in the near future?

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Key things for plugins are still missing. No complex UI could be created. Then, platform penetration is too low for any dev to invest its time, I guess. We’ll see, but even with a marketplace, I’m not sure you’ll see a lot of 3rd party plugins.

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The Leadership seems to be clueless…Even basic features are not operational on the new platforms??? They “act” like they are responsive they are just not??? Bugs and Half butt supported features!!! The ezlo plus is just a trainwreck!?! Yes, sorry- it is. The bug trackers and integration “request” trackers show very little progress!!! How about update “fixed” or resolved?!! To date, all of the “guarantee” for full integration of existing hardware has not come to be!!! The management either lacks the understanding to the ability to resolve most current issues (at least it appears the way)… Trackers and the bug intergartions request needs attention. Let’s clearly update and try to UNDERSTAND the issues -maybe it is a language/culture mismatch!!! 60 day , 90-day guarantee of all commercially available zwave devices be fully functional with all features…

They seem to have just given up. So I guess we need to also!!

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Hello @fredthetiredman

We understand that some bugs are taking a while to get resolved, however, the team is indeed working to fix them and release these fixes as soon as possible.

Some of those tickets have already been assigned and integration is taking place, some other cases have already been resolved but are still pending release, as they need to go through QA.

When we get some of your integration requests complete (Like Inovelli LZW60, Inovelli LZW36, Homeseer HS-LS100+…) we’ll be posting these in the official list.

Apologies for the inconvenience, we’ll keep the information up to date.

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