What's your smarthome story?

With most people stuck at home for a while, this feels like a great time for sharing stories and inspiring others with your creativity! So because the term “smart home” means something different to everyone, we’d love you to tell us what smart home means to you.

Did you create an amazing scene ? Which feature has the biggest impact on your life?

Here’s how to share your smart home story:

  1. Choose your best smart home story

  2. Make a video, an Instagram story, or just write it up

  3. Send it in either via email to marketing@ezlo.com; or by posting it to Facebook or Instagram. Just be sure to use the hashtag #VeraSmartHomeStories and tag our account @veracontrol.

We’ll choose our favorites and feature them online. Winners will get a prize from Vera .

What does smart home mean to you?

You tell us.


bumping this. let’s get creative guys :v:

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