What's the expected available memory for a Vera Edge?

I have a scene that restarts the Luup Engine when the available memory drops below 50kb, as suggested by someone else in the forum. That increased the stability but the Luup engine is restarting a few times a day. Is this normal? Should the threshold be higher or lower? Should I completely remove the scene? I’m running a bunch of plugins (about 10). Tks!

I can’t give you a specific number and I am pretty sure that the number would vary depending on activity, installed plugins/devices, and how much Vera’s Linux kernel is choosing to use for cache at the moment.

I would expect to see several megabytes of free memory on a properly functioning Vera Edge. 50KB is way too low. I suspect that one of your plugins is malfunctioning in order to exhaust the Vera Edge’s 128MB of memory with only 10 plugins.

Having a scene to restart Vera when a certain memory level is reached is not normal and should not be necessary. I would not recommend it, but YMMV. I would recommend figuring out which plugin is consuming all of your memory and then remove that plugin.

If you’re running(EVER ran) Ergy, start there.

Thanks Z-Waver for your response. The scene I have actually restarts the Luup Engine when the available memory drops below 50000 kb (not 50kb). Do you have a sense of what’s considered “low memory” for the Vera Edge? Tks@

It doesn’t look like memory is your problem. Here’s my last month’s memory usage for my Edge (a couple of restarts due to power outages.) It’s not heavily loaded at all.

In contrast, here’s also one of my VeraLite’s memory usage over the same period. It generally runs quite happily, but just occasionally restarts spontaneously. You see that the free memory can drop below a few Mb.

There’s been lots of discussion on this topic previously on the forum. Have you trawled the archives to see if there’s useful info there for you?

I’m not understanding the whole story or your expectation. 50,000Kb(50MB) is a lot of free memory. Why would you have a scene restart Vera at that point and after creating such a scene, why would you not expect Vera to restart?

I presume that you are trying to alleviate some other problem. I would remove the scene and then try to resolve whatever the original problem was. I don’t think less than 50MB of free memory is a problem at all.

As you can see from @akbooer’s graph, a scene to restart Vera at 50MB would pointlessly restart his Vera many many times per day.