What's activating my device?

Something, i don’t know what, is turning a light on about once every two days. What’s the correct way to debug why?

In what log file should i be able so scroll back to find that device id and see the preceeding events that triggered it?

You can look in the Vera log in a web browser but it only goes back so far in time.


Meanwhile, could you let us know what type of light fixture is involved, and whether it uses LED, incandescent, fluorescent bulbs or a mix of these? And what model of light switch you’re using?

Well, it’s actually a DMWV1 water shut off valve by Dome.

At random times of day, the damn water gets shut off. It’s especially lovely when the husband just got in the shower, I’m asleep, and just as he gets wet and soapy, the pressure from the expansion tank runs out and he’s left with shampoo in the eyes and no water and has to wake me up by yelling, blind in the shower and I have to get dressed because the mother in law is watching tv in the living room so I can’t just run to the basement naked.

I tried to upload the luaupnp html log but html attachments are not permitted?!?! so here is a pdf

Another clue I’m noticing is that the vera interface shows the valve is open when this happens, which is obviously false. since the water is off. And there’s no way to open an opened valve in vera. so first i have to tell it to close, then to open, which just takes longer.

if I don’t throw the whole goddamn thing in the trash, I’ll probably put another z-wave relay in front of it as a molyguard, so that there;s no power to operate the dome valve until/unless i activate the safety of the relay first. and then i could probably make a scene to automate that the what a damn disgrace.

it’s device id 153. so that should make it easier to find in the log. i think there;s an entry there that shows current state 1, sending state 1.

This didn’t start happening until after I set up a book mark to turn off the water main from my laptop. I wanted a button to save water when husband starts running the hot and then gets distracted. And I thought, hey, maybe firefox is doing some dumb shit like caching bookmark contents when I don’t ask for that, which would cause the command to execute…

Well I’ve ruled that out now because it happens when the laptop is off, and I disabled the bookmark as well by changing the port number so it won’t work anymore when clicked unless i go in and edit it in the address bar.

But what I was really wanting to get at in this thread is how can I find out WHAT stimulus is resulting in the valve closing. i.e. can the vera confirm that yes it’s getting an api request from my laptop on the local lan, or it came from a phone with the vera app, or a browser going through ezlo’s relay, etc.

I guess it could be pure hardware failure but the timing is suspicious. And I want to know first that nothing on the vera has ever told it to close the valve in the time window that the valve closed. I might even put a timestamped, motion reporting video camera on the damn thing to be positive when it happened.luaupnp log(2).pdf (495.9 KB)

There is no PDF attached.

fixed…luaupnp log(2).pdf (495.9 KB)

I think this is the most unstable system I’ve ever seen. It’s restarting Luup every minute, basically. I can see one instance where it’s shutting off the water valve (assuming I’m correct in identifying it as device #153) at 16:02:17.911, requested at 16:02:13.558, but I can’t see what’s requesting it.

Advice for future: don’t PDF log files. Do a “Save as…” and save it as a single HTML file somewhere, then ZIP that and upload the ZIP file. The PDF’d logs are cut off without line-wrapping, so it’s hard to see a lot of data that might be necessary/helpful in the long messages.

I’d attack the instability of the system first, since that may be a contributor. It looks like, at least at some point, the OpenSprinkler plugin may have gone a little nuts creating children, based on the names (that’s all the “1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1” nonsense). Maybe @therealdb can provide some assistance there. But a system that reloads every minute isn’t healthy at all, and can do all kinds of maddening things.

I would agree it’s pretty unstable. Good tip on the zip instead of pdf for future. It would be terribly convenient if i could just upload logs in the formatb they save in though, ht ml. I’m going to remove the open sprinkler app entirely because I just aired out the sprinkler system piping anyway for the winter.

It would be nice if my Vera was more stable for sure

Try to update it to the latest version. I’ve no complains for it, maybe it’s one of the first releases.

Update the vera or the dome water shutoff?

my vera is running 1.7.5186 (7.31) and I think it’s more or less always up to date because when an update is available I am not permitted to easily use my vera any more until I submit to the update.

I was referring to the OpenSprinkler plug-in mentioned by @rigpapa: dbochicchio/vera-OpenSprinkler: Completely new and rewritten plug-in to interface an OpenSprinkler to a Vera or openLuup system. (github.com)