What Version Of The Sonos Plugin/Trunk Am I Using?


If I recall correctly, the Sonos plugin is unlikely to be released to the App Store until the UI bug (Lolodomo has previously mentioned) is fixed? (Not sure if that’s still the case?)

So while the Sonos Plugin is a manual install, is there anything on the plugin itself (e.g Settings?) that can tell me which version I’ve installed, to compare against the latest trunk ?

Lolodomo, for example - with your RFX plugin, you show the alpha version installed on the UI, so we can check what we have compared to the latest alpha release on your child board.

There is no UI bug, the MCV UI bug impacts the RFXtrx plugin, not the Sonos plugin.

There is no version managed inside the plugin. But could be added…

Thanks for clarifying Lolodomo, I wasn’t sure…

So with that in mind, are there plans to put this onto the Vera App Store?

Until then, a version identifier on one of the tabs would be nice addition, as it will allow people to stay up to date with the latest release, as it’s such a great plugin. (What you do with the RFX plugin is a perfect example)

I haven’t pushed it to the store, as there are too many bugs in the store that’ll make it painful to keep it updated while it keeps being changed.

Once the change rate slows/stops, or if they materially fix the store, we can revisit that.

Thanks @guessed.

If I could make a suggestion, could you consider creating a pinned thread at the top, that focuses on the latest release, what’s changed, and place a link to the trunk download location.

Keeping things in the single 'Sonos Plugin post allows things to get lost, when it would be great to use the dedicated board to separate key information out.

I do my best to keep up with what’s going on, and i like to learn more about Sonos, Vera and uPnP, plus I want to try and be on the latest release to help feedback - so this would help (along with a version identifier on the plugin itself)

The forums are really intended for hot-off-the-press type stuff, but I agree it’s not the best for folks who aren’t following along.

If you’d like, I can grant you access to edit/maintain the Wiki. That’s really the right place to keep the current state information, since it’s centralized.

I’ve not been active on these threads lately, as I have a large product rollout for work that’s got me extremely busy. Unfortunately that means I haven’t had much time to and/or contribute extra stuff (like Doc).

Anyhow, more than happy to add Wiki rights for you if you’d like to take that on. Just let me know.

Hi @guessed

I agree - it’s always a balance - and you may recall I was very keen to have these child boards created in the first place to help with that very thing…

That way - we can have both the static content (to help the passers by) as well as the hot of the press (constantly changing) stuff too.
When you and Lolodomo get going it can be quite technically intense for the novice (including me) :slight_smile:

Happy to help out on the wiki

If we could possibly get a pinned post at the top that points to the wiki and any other key info about the plugin, I think that would be a nice touch too…

I’ve added you as a Wiki editor on the code.mios.com site. Once that’s in reasonable shape, I can add a sticky/locked post to the top of the forum to point to it, since it’s the right place to put all the stable information about the Plugin.

On the wiki, we have fine-grained access that controls who can do what, and that control is in our hands. We also have control over layout, images, etc.

That’ll be much better than trying to keep a sticky post up to date, since we don’t have that level of control on the Forum here.