What to do first with new Veralite?


I just ordered several switches and a Veralite. In reading the forum I see several threads about UI6 not being ready. If my new Veralite comes with UI6, is it recommended to downgrade to UI5? If so, is that easy to do?

Also, any other recommendations / configuration changes to make before adding all the z-wave devices?

Thanks for any assistance!

Hello MoridinTX,
Being a newbie myself, I can tell you my views since I received my VeraLite about a month ago. I definitely did not want to have UI6, because the apps I wanted to use didn’t work with that. After loggin in on the site they indicate on the user flyer (getvera.com or so), I underwent an automatic upgrade to UI6, leaving me with a UI where all help functions were inactive. No help from Vera Control. So I logged in on cp.mios.com. This appears to be the site for UI5. I downgraded my VeraLite and am working with the latest firmware release of UI5. It works well.

After reading a lot in this forum, I have decided to stay on UI5 for as long as possible. The image I have is that the company Vera Control does not have a sound track record in software quality. Also, their release policy is not something to instill trust in me. UI6 has not been completed, at least it has not been formally declared to be out of beta, and they are vague about its role. Something like a temporary UI in between UI5 and ‘the real new UI’, UI7?

The situation seems to be improving, as the first apps working with UI6 show up. But I do not want to be part of a ‘UI6 extented beta community’, knowing that ‘the real new UI’ is now in its formal beta stage. I expect the effort is going into UI7 now.


Thanks for your thoughts. I have a lot of the same trepidations, regarding the UI and its software quality, just based on all the reading I have been doing.

I am strongly leaning toward downgrading to UI5 as soon as mine arrives. I finally got a tracking number and I should have it by next Tuesday.

Definitely do NOT let it upgrade to UI6. I wish I hadn’t.
I can’t seem to find clear instructions to downgrade so I’m hoping UI7 is much better and more widely supported and comes out soon.


Whoop! My Veralite came in today, expected deliver was next Tuesday, way to go tracking.

After all the reading and everyone’s opinions I am going to keep it at UI5. Thankfully it came with UI5 and I updated it to the latest UI5 version. Now for the playing to begin…

Ouch! I wish I read this post before I opened the box today. I followed a YouTube instruction and proceeded to do the firmware upgrade. I am still experimenting before I install this in a new house next month. I’ll be interested to see if the one switch I ordered with the unit will talk to U16. Please keep this thread updated with suggestions on how to have the most reliable interface. Thanks!

As a newbie (I’ve had my Vera Lite for exactly one month) I think the U16 thing may be a shade overblown for someone who is just setting things up. I can understand the ire if you have a U15 configuration that worked and the firmware upgrade screwed things up for you, but for someone starting from scratch is it really that big a deal?

I got my Vera, ran the firmware upgrade to U16 (blissfully unaware that this might be a bad idea) - configured my EVL-3, installed the DSC and Wemo apps, then began configuring light switches, created scenes to replace the timers and automating some simple processes. It really wasn’t until I came here looking for answers to questions about creating more condition dependent scenes that I even learned that U16 was the source of other peoples issues.

Anyway, for the time being I’m a new Vera user who’s plugging away with U16 and not really experiencing any issues.

The switch shouldn’t have a problem with UI6, it’s the Apps, or plugins that often aren’t compatible. Or fully compatible.

Outside of compatibility, the interface itself is a significant downgrade IMO.