What to buy to interface with gas heater, VS pump and SWG?

I have a Raypak gas heater, hayward VS pump and a Circupool SWG. Is there anything I can use to interface all those equipment?

If I’d have to choose, the heater and VS pump will be priority.

Can you post the model numbers of your equipment? I am now controlling my Pentair SuperFlo 342001 VS pump with MIMO2+'s as it is controlled by external relays whereas the Pentair IntelliFlo VS 011018 is not able to do this and requires a two-wire data communication cable with appropriate board. Controlling your system is going to be dependent upon what the equipment is and the type of input it is expecting to be controlled.

If you already have a Jandy or Pentair digital controller, you can use the Vera Plugins for control of an Autelis but the controllers are currently OOS, expecting replenishment by sometime in April according to this post on their forum.