What Temp Sensor with NTC?

Hi Comunity
I was searching for a long time, but wasn’t able to find the real answer.
I want to check several windows for 3 different states. Means “closed”, “opened” and “tilt- or hopper”.
With normal binary sensors, i need 2 of them for every window because i need 2 switches on every window.
Now, my idea is to have 2 switches and a kind or resistor matrix. I already did it to have 3 switches on only one microcontroller port.
(lets say 100 Ohm, 200 Ohm, 300 Ohm or so.)
To do this, i need a thermosensor which works with NTC resistors.
As an example, the fibaro works with a solid sate sensor…
Does someone in the comuniti knows, what sensor works with NTC?
Thanks for help
Regards, Paul