What should be considered with a photovoltaic system with regard to Smart Home?

Hello everyone,

I would like to install a small photovoltaic system and am wondering what I should consider when making the selection so that it can be integrated into the Ezlo ecosystem without any problems. Most inverters have WiFi and their own app. Are there any other important interfaces/protocols to look out for? It would be important that I can access it locally (without an internet connection) and that my Ezlo Plus can communicate with it, e.g. B. to perform certain actions with appropriate performance.

Hi @Odysee

Thanks for reaching us about the request.
We currently do not have a direct plugin for photovoltaic systems. We are researching about enphase.
But as you know we can easily build one, or make use of our IP device plugin. Also
right now we are working on an mqtt version of our IP template plugin which will allow to use any mqtt supported device/service and will allow to represent them as a device on the platform.

Do you have any brands in mind ?

Hoymiles or Deye seem to be the common brands. But I’m also open to all other brands. Maybe someone already has something like this in operation and can say whether it can be integrated well and, above all, locally.