What Repair?

I just switched from VeraLite to the Vera Edge. I got all my devices connected and my mobile apps working. I am watching the YouTube video by Vera on VERA UI17 ADDING A ZWAVE DEVICE. The Marc the Training Manager says to click on SETTINGS, ZWAVE SETTINGS and then to click on REPAIR to Update the ZWAVE Network.

I do not see this REPAIR anywhere on my screen. Would someone please explain this to me and where to find it.

Also, it says my Firmware is 1.7.1432 and wants me to update to 1.7.3500. The last time I tried a Firmware update on my VeraLite it would boot back up. The blue light just kept flashing. Support sent me some codes to reset the VeraLite. I decided just to upgrade to the Edge. Should I do the update or let it be?

Repair has been removed from UI7, I believe. There is no way to execute a heal any longer…

The videos refer to firmware that’s well over a year old, and many things have changed. There an “Update Neighbor Nodes” button which will fix local routing issues for a specific node. The system runs a network heal every night, but you can’t run one manually, nor will it display a report. ALTUI has a “Z-Wave Heal” function—you might look at that. There have also been forum posts on LUUP scripts to perform the heal.

Thank you.

As to whether you should upgrade, you might want to look at the forums on the latest firmware. I think the worst issues have been with Vera Plus upgrading from factory firmware to the latest version, which is what the hotfix release is supposed to address.