What is YOUR Vera alert count????

Please chime in and take a look at your alert count? My Veraplus has gone crazy. My count is over 30000 and none can be deleted.

Keep in mind I restored my Vera to factory (6 clicks). THEN I also restored it again via the Vera menu. Now the amazing part… I did not restore my backup. It is completly blank! Nothing…and it continues to rack up alerts!

I am on V 1.7.3232

Something is very wrong with the getvera servers and my account. I suspect this is the root of many of our problems.

My alert count for today is 10 which is okay.

I have an issue with a thermostat that needs to be addressed. If I discount these then I have 0 alerts over that last week.

I have just 1 - when I logged into Vera.

I have 60 Alerts for This Week witch is what I would expect. Still running 7.0.24 on my VeraPlus.

I don’t have anything which would be unexpected.
But I had two cases in the past, both related to issues with internet connection:
First case was after a power outage. (everything including Vera was out of power). When electricity came back I was flooded with the same alert repeating again and again. I’ve had to contact Customer Care to make it stop.
The other case was similar: in this case Vera was on UPS, but router wasn’t. After electricity came back I was again flooded with repeating alerts, but this time it stopped after an hour or two.

I think it has something to do with connection problems (second case) or or trouble with controller (like: power outage causing reboot - first case) at the time when Vera is sending notification. In both cases the message seems to be stuck “somewhere”.

When I see your screenshot, it also looks like a sequence of the same alerts (burglary/trigger/change of state) repeated again and again.

Those are occupancy sensors in my house giving the bulk of the alerts. I even have them set to off in the house modes list, yet they continue. If I go to the device and click to arm off, it immediately turns back to arm. Even if I set it’s arm variable to 0, it goes right back.

My OC sensor is essentially a fast trip pir connected to my security panel as a non alarm zone. In Vera, nothing will make it stop reporting alerts.