what is Vera Startup indicating ?

I have a lot of Vera Startups latelyin my Vera Alerts log, 20 to 30 a day. Is that indicating something is wrong ? I also have the nightly reboot, which is normal, but no other reboots.

I believe that Vera Startup happens when the luup engine restarts. So if you click “reload/save” at the top it will send one of if the vera crashes it sends it.

I, personally, would be suspect of 20-30 a day unless you are doing a lot of modifications and manually saving those changes via the save button.

I was getting a lot of restarts we well, but they stopped. I think in my case it was my front door lock was causing issues for a bit, but a couple of heals stopped the restarts. I’ve also had to use delays in some of my scenes because for some reason the Vera was restarting due to devices not responding fast enough (that is my guess).

I am now getting vera startups nearly every 30 minutes… very annoying

Don’t blame the messenger!

;D no i am not. I could probably sleep better if i didnt have Vera Alerts, i would not know about the lua crashes… joking aside, without Vera Alerts it would be a lot more difficult to pin down where the problems are from. Now with the startup times posted to Vera Alerts i had a chance to look at the corresponding logs, and i posted them in the general section of the forum hoping someone can help. I did not think they belong here as its not a Vera Alerts problem.

I get one restart in the early morning. Something is not right with your system.

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I know, just cannot find the cause. In general I have a lot of commands which take far to long. For example my TV is on a on/off module which used to be instant. Now it can take up to 30 seconds to react to a on/off command. I have seen a few strange things in the log, posted it here (in a separate thread) but had no response.

Do you have a Plex server instance on your network?

Yes I have plex media server installed and running on my PC. Does that cause problems ?

@garrettwp found out it was the DLNA server in plex that was causing the numerous restarts of Vera:

I shut off my DLNA server and am no longer seeing anywhere near as many restarts, I may have seen 2 in 3 days

I’ve shut it down now, see if it makes a difference, good suggestion. I do not think that is all though, as my PC is not on all the time, and I get restarts as well when my PC is not on. But lets see if it gets rid of some of them…