what is url for latest stable ui-2

Just got my second vera2 for my cabin. Before I bother doing anything I want to downgrade it to ui2.

Can someone post firmware url for latest STABLE release. Since this will be at a remote location I don’t want to run beta/bleeding edge like I do at home. (Yeah I know… where is the thrill in that…) :o


I have not had much luck guessing the url for 979

I tried…

as well as a few other variations… (I can find 988, no problem).

http://wiki.micasaverde.com/index.php/Firmware_Flash has a link to firmware 1.0.979 - but note the warning “Do not use the firmware 1.0.979” [No, I do not know why you shouldn’t use the latest official stable UI2 version …].

Thanks Ap15e… I should have RTFM’ed in the wiki a bit… was too busy searching to forums.

Would sure be nice to be able to get an index on the download area, or even a controlled index to allow us to choose our versions.

I have found 988 to be very stable. You can find the link in this post from MCV: http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php?topic=3171.0

My 2 cents worth - it would be great if MCV (and only MCV) posted the latest links and in only one place. I have found myself chasing different links too many times.

I am running 988 now and had issues with 3 in 1 motion sensor and a few scenes have failed since i uograded. 979 was rock solid for me.