What is the discontinuance roadmap for current Vera system?

I’ve started reading back the posts from the MIOS Acquisition thread.

I feel cheated and smile when reading some of the posts there.
But I do not want my money back, my Vera works and I’m happy with it.

To be fair some of the posts that I’m reading there, in perspective, were showing that they would ditch Vera, and that’s what happened as some of the users were also anticipating it.

It’s sad that it’s end-of-live. RIP Vera :slight_smile:
It would have been great (fair maybe) to support it at least until you guys had a similar platform to offer to the users.
It would also be fair to remove Vera controllers from amazon and your site because you’re selling an un-maintained product.


Just saying :roll_eyes:


@melih What is the discontinuance roadmap for current Vera system? Meaning when I can expect my Vera FW based system to stop to be able to connect to MiOs servers for exemple for remote control via iOS app. I suppose even after that I would be able to control my home “offline”?


Another positive forum thread that went from 0 to off-topic vera-bashing in 3…2…1

I thought this was the beta enrollment thread?

Isn’t it great there will be something new replacing our 5 year old Vera Edge’s? And they keep us in the loop for beta testing?

Maybe Ezlo has their reasons, because the old Vera Edge linux base is just prehistoric, and as far as z-wave stack, it looks like several different persons have tried to fix different problems all in their own ways. Resulting in a weird and random working z-wave stack, rtos and UI. I think that the people at Ezlo realized that they couldn’t save the current firmware as they digged deeper and deeper, and couldn’t keep up with some promises like saving the old firmware.

Be thankfull they are still supporting the Edge, and trying to make a new firmware. The old firmware is just not up-to-par and is not saveable as you dig deeper and deeper, and a lot of plugins are old and not-maintained.
It would be cool if they can eventually come up with migration from existing Vera UI7 to the new firmware/stack, and also a way to port the plugins. But, as I said earlyer on, please pray first that they can make something new that works, and start poking that, instead of just moaning on and on about EOL, migration, etc.


One should be thankfull that they are supporting a controller they still sell?


Fully agreed, but that also is fuel for another discussion somewhere else :slight_smile:

So why did you bring it up here?


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You are missing the logic, we decided to support, hence we are selling it and building a brand new firmware to work with it.

FYI: we don’t intend to continue selling this hardware going forward. But we are building a brand new firmware for it. So we are spending time and money to build a firmware for a hardware we know we are not going to be selling in the near future.

Yes and my question was to @anauta, as to why we should be thankfull that Ezlo are supporting the edge. As you are selling and should support. I see no mistaken logic. Please be more specific.

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The reason why we are selling it is because we decided to support it.
Why did we decide to support it?
Because we wanted to give legacy Vera users an upgrade path to a new Firmware.
So we have designed the new Firmware to run on those vera hardware platforms.
It would have been easier and cheaper for us to say: we are not going to spend our money and time to write our brand new firmware to work with those vera hardware. That would have left no upgrade path for the old vera users.

So the causality is not that we are supporting because we are selling…causality is that we are selling because we decided to support it! Our decision to support it had to be first, before our decision to sell it! At our own cost to help a group of users who are not paying the new company any money.

Either way why should we be greatfull? I am sill not understanding why i am missing the logic.

I am happy that you are supporting and i seee no issues in you selling. So far I see The efforts your company are putting in and i am waiting eagerly to give your devices a fair crack.


Well, to be fair, I did “pay” the new company - you bought the company assets of the old company. Does that mean my dollars were in the bank, no. You did buy the results of my purchase, however, which you MUST have seen value in or you wouldn’t have purchased it.

My two cents. (See, more of my money!)


the value we paid for was the engineering organization it had.
the customers who were not currently paying the new company was not the value.

Which is exactly as I stated: you bought our equity in the old company. There is/was value in that.


yes users did shape the engineering organization to a level. Its a fair point.

Feels like we are getting very blue-sky philosophical here. Let me tether us back to earth.

I for one applaud any new energy into an entrenched community, and welcome forward motion in the home automation area. And I would gladly pay another $100 to get a forward-looking platform from ANY VENDOR that was fully supported and had a gameplan AS LONG as it provides a smooth migration of my existing Zwave network nodes to the new platform. Frankly the migration is my #1 concern when considering options since I have 25 Zwave devices or so. (Zwave device pairing is soooo painful) I cringe just thinking about doing the include/exclude process 25 times, which varies vendor to vendor, since I know 1 in 5 of them will not pair successfully or ever come online again. Alternatively, I could also just swap all of the Zwave switches with native Wifi devices and use Echo to control them, and create Routines to be my scenes… BUT in reality 98% of the current crop of native-WiFi devices do NOT support the Echo-Api for bi-directional sensors. (try to find one is like pulling teeth today).

So, no perfect option, but I would love to get a migration path from Ezlo, that is less painful than ripping the Zwave stuff out and starting from scratch. And I would be happy to pay Ezlo (1 time) to do the painless upgrade.

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