Ezlo controllers Beta enrollment starts now

I asked the team to create this into new page/post so we can structure all these requests!

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As for now, I have two Veras in my HA. The VE is bridged to my VS. Will it be possible to bridge my Veras to a Ezlo controller (with Ezlo being the main controller)?

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yeah, i know. i have a lot of devices and a few of them (poor decision on my part) are in-wall devices, so i need to go taking apart outlets in order to hit the damn button to exclude and include. it’s quite a pain…


How about continuing the thread from 2018?

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Or what about the results of this poll on IP integration 17 months ago:


Thanks for the link, Rene, as I had forgotten to vote!! (Just did … and evidently my horses are winning!!)

It is, but there will be some cross over, as these subjects are linked. Any way @melih has asked staff to move these posts to new thread.


Do we know when the test hardware will be shipped out yet?


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fingers crossed next week…initially Ezlo Atom and PlugHub…(we’ll find out exact dates).

And to confirm the obvious, those of us based in Europe will receive EU Z-Wave versions right?

fingers crossed…depends on how much drink the packing guy had the night before!


Guys look at the European versions…we just assembled it for you guys…
coming soon to all our beta users.


I’ll have to use a travel adapter the UK plugs are different. But good work!

Nice… Will there be a European Schuko (Type F, CEE 7/4 plug, [CEE 7/7 plug] ?
Or do the euro hub need an adapter?

and does it take 230 volts if an adapter is used? I thought only the USB was EU for now?

O, PS, shipping is an issue right now as not many plains are going. Our company has trouble sending plain letters to some European countries. (Invoices, so they are not happy :zipper_mouth_face:)

If I remember correctly (and looking at the OP)

EU will be Atom V2 and Ezlo Plus, not the PlugHub V2

I’m in France, will the two EU version boxes be sent at the same time?

Are those plug-in devices UL listed (asking for U.S. users)? I could see any stamp or insignia on them in the photos.