What is the difference between GetVera and Mios.com

I’ve just unpacked my new Vera Lite and trying to get it setup.

I’m no computer newbie but am sad to see how complicated and confusing this all is, feels very fragmented.

The GetVera site isn’t able to detect my controller but I know it’s there because I can see it’s IP address on the network. I browsed to the IP address using my browser and got a UI5 website. But in there it asks me for my Mios.com account details. Am I supposed to sign up there too?

Mios.com is the OEM and you do not need to create an account via that site.

If you have UI5 you will need to create an account via https://cp.mios.com/login.php

Extract from:

They are logic differences between cp.mios.com and logging in via get Vera that should be addressed as it is causing no end of confusion for the end users.

If a users log in via cp.mios.com with an Vera password defined for UI6(MMS) they receive the message “Username or password incorrect.” Whereby, log via
https://home.getvera.com/users/login [^] will establish the password verfication type and either you enter an old format password it will default to
https://cp.mios.com/login.php [^]
or a new format for UI6 (MMS)
https://home.getvera.com/dashboard/display [^]

There are more issues that add to the confusion as you stated see:

To future proof your user name, or for UI6, you should create an account via getvera.com. See:

Thanks, I just got a new VeraLite and that summary was super useful. I was surprised that initial owner setup and login information wasn’t clear on getvera.com.

Is it possible to remotely access my Vera from a browser? These links all lead to my unit’s local IP address but getvera.com implies that everything is possible from anywhere in the world (e.g. do I need to open a port in my router or does the Vera connect to the Mios server).

P.S. The (4) captcha questions for this forum site seem overly complicated and difficult. getvera.com is a great step in the right direction, but this is another example of how the Vera ecosystem has a way to go before being general consumer friendly and minimizing new user setup and progress.

It redirects you to your local IP because you are on the same LAN. When you are outside your network, you will not be redirected in that way. everything(most) is accessible remotely.

Captchas go away after you have made a few posts and proven not to be a spammer. Though annoying, they keep the forums from being flooded with spam.

Thanks, I the remote access worked with the https://home.getvera.com/dashboard/display link. I was initially confused when I found other references to and tried using the mios,com site.

This thread clears up some of the issues I had when I first registered my VeraLite. I could not log in after I upgraded to UI6. I have a question perhaps one of you can help me with. When I first registered about a month ago there was some information regarding my physical location that I could not get saved. It seemed like a glitch on the site. I wanted to try to enter that information now so I can program some sunrise/sunset scenes. I cannot seem to get back to that input screen. Any suggestions?? Thanks!

If your using UI6, you need to goto the Advance Settings or ip_address/cmh_ui6.

Goto Setting>Location.
You need to set both the time zone and current city and then are distinctly different and not linked or dependant of the others settings.