What happens if you reset the hub without excluding everything

I’ve always wondered what would happen if you completely reset or lost (blew up) your hub without excluding everything one by one as you are expected to. If you, let’s say, chucked your Vera at the wall and decided to buy a new one (and didn’t have a backup), would all of the devices be stuck in limbo because they weren’t properly excluded from the previous hub?

Sorry, I haven’t tossed one at the wall (no joyful stories yet). I just always wondered for when I transfer to a new hub (Vera, Ezlo, or whatever) if I can get away with NOT going one by one and excluding everything. That and I am considering the wall idea as my VeraPlus is stuck in the “doesn’t respond to home.getvera.com” routine, only this time, clearing up space with the dev code screen doesn’t fix a thing. So the hub has been sitting mostly dead in the water for days now since you can’t change/edit/delete/add anything. Hence…the wall looks so very enticing.

Short anwser is Yes they would be stuck in limbo.

However if you did have a Vera backup you could restore that and the Z-Wave network to a new Vera hub replacing the failed one.

Hello, @TheSaint

Regarding your first question, if you delete a hub without previously excluding the devices, they will be anchored to a z-wave network for example and then what you should do once you have a new controller is to do the process of excluding from the new controller to each device, so that you can pair it again as a new device.

About the Vera Plus, please send us an email to support@ezlo.com with the serial number of your vera plus so we can troubleshoot your unit.

Imagine you having an “amnesia”. You would forget who your friends are but your friends still remember you. So your hub would forget its friends (devices), but those devices still think the hub is their friend.

Short answer is No.
Exclusion process is a “general” process and its NOT hub specific in Ezlo. You can exclude any device with Ezlo no matter which hub they are paired/connected to (as long as you can press the keys on the device).

A hub and device must be paired together. Unpairing is a quick task just before unpairing.
You can do this with your new hub (even though your old devices are still paired to the old hub). Take the old device (still paired to an old hub), on the new hub start the exclusion process and exclude that old device. Once done, go ahead and start the inclusion process and you are done!

And you could also clone it to a different Zwave stick, if necessary. That’s the beauty of this part of the Vera system, imho.

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Done. Email sent. Fingers crossed.

Sadly, I don’t have a recent enough backup. Few months ago I made some interesting changes to some scenes that I don’t care to lose. So not looking to restore any old backups just yet.

Well that led nowhere. The ticket system is troubled. You submit something, get a response back many days later. You respond as many times as you want to that email, but the system just emails you back days later saying that it is still waiting for your reply and then eventually closes out the ticket. I even tried replying with a different email and no response.

Just got my hands on a SmartThings hub, so I will be slowly/painfully moving all of my devices over to it.

Update 04/22/2021: Although most everything has been moved to ST now, I absolutely hate backing down from a fight. I got a friend involved who builds/designs things like this all the time. He had it open with wires soldered, reading things, pinging, and zinging, and everything else he could think of (at this point, it was far out of my league). Eventually, he wound up bringing it back to life. He said there was some bad corruption involved that caused it to fall into limbo like that and it wasn’t allowing any writes to the internal storage. Its capacity actually was NOT full the entire time. It was just some kind of corruption that caused it to brick/tilt. His review of the situation is that he would never touch the hub as it was a wonderful piece of hardware with a terrible execution on the software (something to do with repetitive writes/wear on the storage) and partition structure side of things. Here’s hoping Ezlo doesn’t make the same mistakes on their new hubs as Vera did on the Plus before Ezlo bought them out.

At this point, the Vera will only be used for testing odd scenarios, but never fully used in a serious many ever again. This ended a very long run with Vera hardware for me. Especially since ever hub I have owned came with so much troubleshooting over the years.

I am enjoying seeing the problems and issues to be resolved/or not. I am presently using a Fibraro Lite hub and will be migrating to the new Ezlo Secure. I assumed, and now am pretty convinced to take the long road and unpair my devices one by one and (re)pair with the Ezlo.

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