What happened to the wiki?

I realize that the wiki (both mios and micasaverde) often has incomplete or out of date info but for those of us still maintaining plugins for Vera hubs they were useful resources. I found links to archives but those no longer work either.

The original forum at http://forum.micasaverde.com/ has gone. @Sorin was meant to be confirming if that is permanent?

Didn’t know the Vera Wiki was also down?

Looks like the question was also asked here.

OK, thanks. I looked around a bit but didn’t see that posting.


We are aware that the mios wiki is down. In the meantime, there’s a version from the web archive that’s still available.


I found it via a Google search.

Yes, as I mentioned in my first post I found that archive. But searching for anything yields:

I went back and looked at this again. Still can’t find anything useful. Even if you use the link shown in the image above to search it returns a list of links to mostly GIFs. Selecting anything yields a calendar showing how many time that link has been used. The archive does have a list of forums but if the old wiki is there I can’t find it. Has anyone found a way to get anything useful?

So far I’ve found the best way to find something is to browse here: http://wiki.micasaverde.com/index.php/Special:AllPages