what happened to the plugin: Virtual ON/OFF Switches

Ive had the Virtual ON/OFF Switches plugin installed and used for many years. very handy little plugin.
Looking for updates and i cant seem to find it anywhere. UI5 allows me to create another instance of it and i have auto-update set to off.

Can anyone tell me what happened to it or has it been succeeded by another plugin?

Just noticed last night that I cannot toggle a couple of mine.


My “Virtual ON/OFF Switches” doesn’t seem to work now. I read that it has been erratic in the past but is it supposed to be working now or is it dead?
I have a simple scene that turns the virtual switch on when I set a date/time for guest arrival and another scene that turns the virtual switch off at the time/date when my guest departs. I can’t add more than one set of dates with time for each of these scenes.
Also, when I manually toggle this switch on it doesn’t always stay on.

I restarted Vera and now it seems to be working again??

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