What does the Z-wave command classes do?

Hi all,

I am very new to both vera and z-wave. We have a Vera edge controller as well as door/multisensor/switch/ and dimmer. I am a little bit confused about the information in z-wave devices manual. It contains details of configuration parameters and a list of z-wave command classes. I am okay setting configuration parameters, but has not been able to find useful info about command classes. I guess most of the commands must have been implemented in service *.xml files, so that I don’t need to know about z-wave protocol details…

Can someone please help me know what is the role of Command Sets? I am looking to writing programs and developing for vera, so I have started by finding out how the whole system is built and works. :slight_smile:

Is it correct that I should be be in full control of the z-wave device, using the variables/actions in device and service files? For example, to change the more advanced parameters? This way, maybe I do not need to know the usage and syntax of z-wave commands :-\

Thanks in advance.

Hi Mona, Welcome to Vera.

Command Classes are how we know what to do with a device when it is added to the Vera Controller. It tells us what kind of device it is so we can set up the interface. When a device conforms to the Command Class structure it can be plug and play, when they don’t it requires that we take steps to integrate it into the platform.

Generally it is best for users not to make changes to device settings unless they know what they are doing, if you change the wrong parameter or change it incorrectly you can effect the performance and battery life of that device.

Hi Mark,

Thank you for these explanation. I am not very experienced in Z-wave, but I have basic knowledge of sensor networks and the communication protocols. The thing is, that I feel many of the devices we have added in Vera have more advanced functionalities which is not easily seen/controllable through the graphical interface. For example, the Philio PAN04 switch has a very detailed config. and command class lists, but the only thing we see on Vera is On/Off controls of each relay as well as its instantaneous power wattage.

I want to be able to fully communicate with the z-wave devices through Vera interface. I believe this is possible by means of luup codes, as I read in the Development section of the wiki. Do you have any advice for me on where to start? Or, whether I should deal with details of Command classes, or not? Do you know of a reference explaining how the command classes are implemented?

Any advice is appreciated.

Mona, I have asked one of my associates to take a look at your request. I believe that he is on vacation this week. He will respond as soon as possible.