What does "controled Via" mean?

When setting up a device using UI3, under the advanced tab there is a setting option called “controled Via.” Could someone explain to me the purpose of this setting and why I’d change it from the deault setting of “No Parent/Please select” Thanx in advance!

Some devices are best described as a set of devices. The usual example is the Somfy motorized blinds controller, where the controller itself is a device, but each of the up to 16 blinds is a ‘child device’. The plugin creates and the child devices, so you only have to create the controller device.

Each child device has a ‘parent’ property that points to its controller device. This is what you can change with this parameter.

Of course, you should not change it unless you know what you’re doing, and why.

Thanks! There seems to be quite a few changeable parameters within each device. Aside from the Mios and Vera wikis (which are not very deep) is there another source of knowledge I can tap to learn more on managing devices?