What do you use the internal Wifi in Vera for?

As stated; is the onboard wifi something one uses for ip cameras only? It’s probably silly to load the Vera with the general Wifi job in the house?

I’m putting up some old tablets and phones as user panels around the house, ant reason to put them on the Vera Wifi?

I’ve seen some issues with the vera networks choosing the same wifi channels as my router, so my vera Wifi is currently disabled…

The only thing I use it for is a scavenger hunt through the UI to remember where to turn it off.

If you’ve got wifi already, use that for anything bandwidth heavy.

It might be possible to link other wifi-linked HA stuff to it and use it as an access point, so they’d be directly linked to the controller rather than having a router middleman.

Other than that, I’m not sure I’d use it for anything.

+1 on not using it for anything. After the initial configuration, I disabled it on all my veras.

Stupid question, but i just spent a few minutes looking through the UI and didn’t find a place to disable, can you tell me where this is?

Setup → Net & Wi-fi

Under the “Wireless” section, there’s a button for Wifi yes/no.

This is on UI5, btw.

oh, not there on UI7… My bad for upgrading… would love to be able to turn it off on UI7.


Is your Vera set to be manually configured?

I would personally use it for cameras that are nearby and in range of Vera’s wifi, to offload the wifi traffic from a main router/ap.

For devices that only do short range enrolling, I put the vera on a small ups, turn on wifi, and control the enrollment process from my phone linked to the vera.

The other “maybe” use, was if you have a place with no internet and you have a wifi thermostat or something. But in general, I have a dedicated router for my HA, with my LAN on another (firewall facing the HA).

Ditto, like kigmatzomat I just discovered Vera can run on Wifi so rather than dragging an ethernet cable all over the house to enroll devices, I run it on Wifi. Aside from that, I have no use for it (no IP cameras presently, although that will probably change in the future).