What do people think of Aeon Labs Multisensor - Gen5

I would like to get some multi sensors around the house. What do people think of the Aeon Labs Multisensor - Gen5?

Many thanks

Mine works fairly well. It’s USB powered and it’s outside under roof above my front door. I don’t use the temperature and humidity but it functions excellent as a motion sensor. I use luminousity less than I used to, but it works as well.

I recently upgraded two outdoor Gen2 Aeon sensors with two of these. They seem to work well but I do see that they loose communication with Vera more often than the older ones did.

I have an Aeon Multisensor Gen5 and a Fibaro Motionsensor Gen5. If you plan on using it powered by a battery then you should definitely go for Fibaro. Out of the box settings work way better on Fibaro. The motion sensor is triggered much quicker, ‘no movement’ is also sent much faster on Fibaro (30 secs vs 4 mins), Fibaro looks nicer, uses only one battery (which is included in the box vs Aeon where you have to purchase your battery) and due to the bracket design it is much easier to orientate.

In fact Aeon was so bad on battery that I had to move it to a location where I have it power over USB. And now notifications come much faster but I haven;t had time to repair it on that location.

A plus for Aeon would be that it has 2 batteries, even though it works with only one. The locations are marked for the primary and secondary. Using a secondary basically extends the life and should make sure the sensor does not die on you if the battery is suddenly gone. I did not have the chance to test that.

I had similar experience to Florin.

My sensor wouldn’t even power up under battery however.
I returned it and got another, and had the same issue.

I use one in my bathroom Powered by usb.
I wanted to have the humidity updates.

Everywhere else I use the Fibaro sensors.They are fantastic.

I reviewed it a while back [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWO3-QWJwoY]Review - Aeotec MultiSensor 6 (2016 Version) - YouTube

As others have said, I use it powered and had to change the tripped length down to 30 secs.

Quick update.

After having the Aeon powered by USB and changing the tripped duration to 35s I can say it’s a whole different sensor. I use this duration for both sensors now and they work very well. And I’ve made both Aeon and Fibaro report temperature much faster and they report very similar numbers.

I’ll order another Aeon for a place where I have USB power.

I think you guys are sharing thought on the Gen 6 device which is not what the OP is asking about. The Gen 5 sensor it the larger older looking sensor that is sort of approved for outdoor use.

The Gen 4 is the big sensor

The Gen 5 is the latest one. It’s called the multi sensor 6 (as it has 6 functions) gen 5.