What are you using PGMs for ? Share your set up / Wiring Diagrams


Would anyone be willing to share what they have set up with the PGM outputs on their DSC panels ?

If you are able to share the relay component that you’re using and ideally a wiring diagram that would be great (I’m struggling to get my head around how these work and is like to make use of them if possible )

I use PGM2 to light an LED on the front of my garage to indicate that my system is in service. As the PGM2 circuit can provide 300mA I do not need a relay. The diagram provided is in French but easy to understand. I use a JKT cable (2 pairs) to power the LED. I hope that will help.


Thanks for sharing that.

Would you be able to share a little bit more such as what LED device you are using and also what you have set the PGM option to be on the panel ?

I bought the LED on ebay, it is prewired with a current limiting resistor at 12 volts 25 mA. The PGM output is programmed in mode 05 ?System Armed Status?. The plus side of the LED go to Aux+ and the minus side to the PGM output.