What are these symbols?

Just set up Ezlo Plus (replacing Vera). I see circles, sometimes yellow and a square with obj on some devices but not others. What do they mean?

Hello @norwestie

The device with the “yellow circle” is intended for devices that have RGB capabilities, this only occurs in iOS, I will report it to the department in charge.

As per the other problem where the name is concatenated with the word “OBJ” it seems like it is being added whenever something is created.

What is the current Vera Mobile version you have?
Also, has this happened since the first moment you added devices to the controller? or do you remember when it started to happen?

I am using v3.59(1) on my iPhone 13 Pro. I had a Vera Plus, switched to SmartThings and now back to Ezlo Plus. The obj appears on 14 of my devices and not on 6 of them. This setup was done all at once after I received the new hub this week. Also, is there an Alexa fix yet? It worked with the Vera product but not with Ezlo.

@norwestie, thanks for additional details.
We are checking now the case with “obj”
What is the serial number of your hub?

PMed serial number