What am i doing wrong?

I downloaded the app from the apple store, but when I open it every 2 seconds I have an error pop up that says “no vera units were found on your LAN”. I can ‘retry’ or click ‘ok’. A second after that I get a popup that says ‘gateway credentials’ ‘incorrect username/password for unit (null)(null)’. I can’t find a place to put in my credentials to connect to vera. Tried all the buttons.

Sounds like a strange bug (the popups shouldn’t repeat)

First step is to get the app working on your LAN:

  1. try the app while connected via WiFi to your own LAN. If results are the same:
  2. establish the IP address of your Vera. Verify the IP address by entering it on your iPhones browser (the Vera UI appears after a while)
  3. in HomeWave on the Home screen, click the blue i button to open settings, then switch to the Vera tab.
  4. enter the correct IP address for your Vera in the correct field
  5. verify that the UI5 switch is set to On if your Vera is on the UI5 firmware
  6. close settings. After a while, a white WiFi icon should appear, indicating a good connection to Vera

You an enter your MiOS / GetVera username and password in the same place in the settings screen

I se the teal colored Vera tab on the left and I typed in my vera username and password - as soon as I get back home I will try it on the LAN, but would be nice to get it working remotely

To connect remotely, you also need to fill in Vera’s ID (when connecting on your LAN this would have been filled in automatically). You can get this ID by logging in to mios.com or getvera.com (depending on which firmware your Vera runs)

The popups absolutely repeated for me. I was connected via a public Wifi and later via cellular.

It made it very frustrating to enter the Vera ID and the credentials.