Weird restarts with PLEG actions

Ok, so I thought this was due to memory issues, but I’ve gotten back a bit of memory and I don’t think that is the cause anymore. I have some fairly big “actions” (goodnight for instance). I’ve noticed that sometimes if an action is still going on and someone operates one of the devices that is in that action, the Vera restarts for some reason. This isn’t limited to Z-wave devices either. At least, this is my current working theory.

So tonight my Fiance accidentally hit the “good night” button in our room on the KPL I have in there. Of course I found myself sitting in the dark in my office with no lights! So I turned the lights back on and boom…the Vera restarted. I know that it restarted during the action because it actually never got to the living room lights (which were still on).

It is very possible that it is in fact not PLEG, but I’ve noticed since moving some of my scenes to PLEG actions, that this happens. For instance in the morning, not all the devices will be swapped over. I just set up vera alerts to alert me of restarts yesterday and this morning everything went smoothly. Tonight was a fluke, but I never had this issue when I used “scenes”. I may actually put it all back into Scenes and just use PLEG to activate them and see if that is any better.

It’s not gonna be that quick, but at this point, I’d rather have the stability and this seems like this might be a good compromise.

P.S. I just tried a few times and I can reproduce this at will by:

  1. Kicking off a pleg action
  2. while the action is still going, turn on (or off) a device in the action that was previously just turned on/off by the action (I have not tried a device NOT in the action yet)

I’ve noticed that as long as I have devices that have “waiting to send again with ack” that the restart will happen. Once again, this is even if I do it with a non z-wave device during the action.

I will also agree that this could be an issue with the Vera and not PLEG, but I never had this behavior when I was using Scenes (even if I had PLEG trigger the scene)

P.P.S. I’ve attached my PLEG status report just in case RTS wants to look at it. the condition is “activateGoodnightMode”

Just a note, I created a scene with the same device changes and ran it and tried to reproduce, but can’t. The scene also seems to execute faster with fewer “waiting to send again with ack”. Could this be because the scene actually sends the commands as it needs to and PLEG sends them all at once?

Same happening to me.

It could be that I am supplying Z-Wave commands to Vera too fast … and causing an Overload restart.
I do not have any Actions with a large number of commands. I will investigate …

As a temporary or even permanent solution, I have put all my “large” pleg actions into Scenes and am just calling the scene from PLEG. This so far as worked awesomely.

I have a similar thing with Vera Alerts. When I send a string of pictures from my cameras to Vera Alert, after a few pictures I get a Vera restart. Looking at the pictures I only get 2 maximum 3, the ones after that I get media not found on my Android Vera alert. I think that might be an overload, as that happens most of the time (if not all) when this is triggered