Weather Location

The weather on the main page does not seem to match the current conditions. Where does your app get the location from? How can I make it show my local weather.

We get weather from and it uses the location set from your Vera configuration. Have you set your location in Vera?

That would make since why it’s off for me as well. I can set mine to Denver as it’s the closest to me but I am in a suburb of Denver that isn’t an option and is roughly 10 degrees difference with rain being wrong too.

I just checked again and it is only about 2 deg F off what I see in the simple user db. My location is set, and perhaps it is just round off, so perhaps it is Ok. I will check and let you know.

thanks much - 2deg is well within the tolerance. Please let me know if you notice anything else funny with weather.

Just checked again. Vera shows 66 deg f, and Simplewave shows 71. If the app gets it’s values from Vera, I would expect them to be the same.

SimpleWave uses - Does it match the website for your location?

btw, vera uses the yahoo weather service.

Good to know what Vera uses. I figured it out. The number shown by default is some value from WU that is not the current temp. If I open the dash, and swipe enough I can get it to scroll though to the correct number, but wish it would show it as default.