We need a "getting started" sticky topic here

I’ve just installed the VeraAlerts plugin and the Vera Alerts app for my Android phone. I fumbled around with setting up a profile and sent a test message that got to my phone. Yay. I’ve also just paid for and registered it.

I’m looking for a PDF or somesuch to tell me how to use this thing to full advantage. I can’t find any “getting started” documentation in this forum. And using the “Help” button from the VeraAlerts app tells me (after a looooong delay) that [url=http://rts-services.com/Vera/Plugin/VeraAlerts]http://rts-services.com/Vera/Plugin/VeraAlerts[/url] can’t be reached. Indeed, rts-services.com has been down for several days or weeks. :frowning:

It would be really nice to have a sticky topic in this forum to provide the documentation.


I am working on a new ISP provider for my house … any day now …
Me and my neighbor will have our own tower with 50Mb service. I think it 10-15 Mb upload … so that will limit the Web serving.

Not much for you city dwellers … But my previously unreliable provider was 5Mb (Business Class Service) during the day … and 28Kb in the evening when folks come home and start watching NetFlix.