WDTC-20 - Thermostat (Wayne-Dalton)

Does anyone have this thermostat?

I’m wondering if the forced air (furnace/AC) FAN can be controlled by Z-wave?
I’d like to turn on the fan WITHOUT turning on the AC?

I have several of these and they work fine. You can turn the unit on in automatic
mode and the fan turns on with the heat or air. You can also turn the fan on and even when
the setting doesn’t call for heat or air, the fan will run. I have only used this with the normal settings.
Vera doesn’t accommodate the set back feature. It also reorts the actual temperature. You can use
that to report of set events.


Can you turn on the fan through a Z-Wave commend when the unit is set to automatic?


yes - either way

I bought one of these to try, I actually need two. So far (about a month) it seems to work fine monitoring the first floor of my vacation home. I think it is a good value. The one silly problem I had, really silly, was that I, nor anyone else, could easily snap on the thermostat to the install base on the wall. I actually had to call tech support, and this was not the first time they had this problem. Eventually I got it with shear force, but it was annoying.

I plan to purchase and install one for the second floor thermostat next visit. Attached is a screen capture from Vera that shows how the thermostat presents in findvera.com. Not bad, could be better.

I don’t believe this thermostat allows you to remotely control fan operation. You must manually set the fan control to auto or manual. It’s the one weakness of this model.

Here is the manual for the thermostat: http://www.zwaveworld.com/buyersguides/documents/0002821_RevA_TstatUserManual_ARTWORK.pdf

Page 26 describes what you can do with it via z-wave.


I called Intermatic and they said it couldn’t control the fan, although the person I spoke with didn’t really sound like they were very familiar with the product.

I’ve also found that the TZ43, which looks like the Trane/Schlage unit does have fan/blower control over Z-Wave.

See page 36/37 for the Z-Wave commands.

Word of warning about the TZ-43. It expects that the incoming temperature commands match the units used on the display (C/F).

Unfortunately, MCV always sends commands in C. If you are using F on the t-stat, your are out of luck.

I spent a lot of time with RCS, Zensys, and MCV clarifying this. As best as I can tell, the TZ-43 should handle either set of units (per Zensys when asked by MCV). I have been waiting a couple of months for MCV to hopefully make a change so that it sends commands to the tstat in the same units that are being displayed in Vera (which would normally match the tstat!).

I should point out that the problem seems to be with RCS’s tstat - not Vera, so I cannot get upset at MCV for not making the change.


You are not the only one with TZ43 problems, I called in about this as well. MCV said they are trying to get a unit from RCS to test. It has been disappointing to spend 400$ on 2 stats that are as useful as a 30$ model from Home Depot. Hopefully MCV can get this right, supposedly the stats work fine with Homeseer.

So on the TZ43, as long as I set the stat to Celcius then it works properly?
That would be OK with me as a temporary workaround.
Sounds like an easy fix for MCV, so I’m hoping it’ll get implement.

I would get the WDTC20/CA8900 except the reason why I’m buying a ZWave stat is for automated FAN control.

The TZ43 also has “CYCLE” mode for the fan/blower that the WDTC20 doesn’t.

I wish I could tell you that is the only problem with the TZ43 and Vera… but its not. The Fan On/Off does not work. And when you turn the system off it puts the stat into some kind of “Away” mode that you have no way of recovering from until you actually go to the stat locally and set it otherwise. I do have high hopes that MCV will fix this soon, as I told them this was an issue 4 weeks ago, and someone else mentioned it about a month before that… a fix should be in the works.

Thanks for your info.

It’s one of these things… I thought I did my research and I submitted my order this afternoon for the stat, Schlage lock and a number of other devices from ASIHOME. I guess I missed a few details. I’ll try it out when I get it. If it doesn’t work, I’ll submit a ticket as well.

I have the Intermatic CA8900 and I can confirm that you CANNOT control the fan with it. The Wayne Dalton version (I believe they are the same t-stat) appears to have the same limitation.

I bought the CA8900 knowing it couldn’t control the fan. While I would have liked this, I couldn’t justify the extra cost of one that could. I paid $80 Cdn for it. What is annoying is that I had my whole heating system replaced in the fall and only realized afterwards that they charged me almost $300 for the thermostat (or should I say overcharged :frowning: ). I was only just getting started with z-wave at the time, but should have asked if I could provide my own t-stat.