WDTC-20 thermostat problems

I just installed a WDTC-20 thermostat. My setup has a Leviton Vizia RF+ VRCPG-0SG as primary and the vera is a secondary w. 1.0.979 firmware. The Leviton remote can control the thermostat fine. Vera can control both the heat and cool setpoints, but vera:

  • Does not display the current temperature
  • When I try and use the OFF/HEAT/COOL/AUTO control on vera I get
    an alert: ERROR Thermostat is not configured
  • If I go into the device settings and click on “Configure device right now”, I get
    an alert: Received empty response.
  • The fan control ON/AUTO does nothing (I’m not sure that this device supports this).
  • There is no control for economy mode.
  • Vera’s current setpoint display does not stay in sync with the thermostat, but only displays the last value that was set via Vera.

I can’t help much, as I have Vera as the primary controller and no Leviton in the loop. I have no issues with seeing the WDTC-20 in Vera. It works quite well.
The Fan On/Auto does not work, and as the switch is a slide (not a momentary action) switch, I believe it is not intended to be controllable.

Sorry I can’t help more.


jgc94131, try to exclude/readd the thermostat. See this page: http://wiki.micasaverde.com/index.php/Supported_Hardware#Thermostat_Devices . If you cannot get it to work, send us a trouble report from your Vera with logs. You can do that from Advanced/Tech Support.

I submitted a tech support request via Vera.

Did you get your thermostat fixed? Mine isn’t working as well and I’m curious to see what the fix was…


No, It is not fixed. I was contacted by tech support. They asked me to delete and re-add the unit, which I did. It did not change anything. Tech support has not responded to a request for status. :-\

I figured out my problem last night…it appears that I greatly over-estimated the distance that the Z-Wave dongle can cover. The thermostat is about 30 feet from the dongle and doesn’t configure/work at all. I removed the thermostat from the wall and brought it into the same room as the Vera and it actually configured. Guess I need to get an intermediary device between the Vera and the thermostat.