WDSC Plugin - new home

I’ve finally brought my old plugin that was originally created on the Vera 3 (UI5) over to my Github repo from its long time home on Window, Door, and Sensor Control HVAC (I don’t even have the login to there anymore, it has been that long).

New home: GitHub - KG7QIN/WDSC-HVAC-Control-Plugin: Vera - WDSC HVAC Control Plugin (a.k.a If door is opened for 5 minutes...turn off air)

Browsing the various forums shows that there is still interest in this thing even after all these years (it was released in 2013).

I’m still happily running UI5, I never had a need to update. However, I’m more than willing to take PRs from people who have hacked this to update it. I know charettepa did provide me with an update on the old forums. I probably should go back and look for it and incorporate it.

Anyways, feel free to submit changes to the plugin. More information is in at the Github repo link above.