Wayne Dalton Wireless Keychain Remote Control

I picked up some other zwave products to see if they would interface with the Vera. I have a Wayne Dalton Wireless Keychain Remote Control 3150R that I though would be handy if the Vera would read the buttons. If it could, I could use the keychain device to turn on and off lights. The package says it uses ZWave technology. However, the Vera doesn’t recognize this hardware.

Does anyone know if this will be a future supported device?


You need the Wayne Dalton Gateway (http://www.waynedaltonstore.com/product/74171410873.html)

The Gateway reads signals from the keychain and translates to Z-Wave. You add the Gateway to Vera, then program the buttons (kinda a pain).

I am using it to link my car’s built-in Homelink buttons to my z-wave lights in the house.
Button 1 = All On
Button 2 = All Off
Button 3 = haven’t decided yet…


Thanks. The package for the remote had the words “ZWave technology” on the Fry’s Electronics price label. I guess that was a bit misleading.

Yes, a little misleading. See here for details on the Gateway, and an overview of its “z-wave-ness”. Good reading.


are there any other ‘key fob’ remotes that use z-wave?

i’d like to purchase a zwave deadbolt lock for our front door and use this to ‘unlock’ the door and turn off the alarm (just posted somewhere else for feedback on hardware solutions for this requirement).

I’d also like a keypad for occasional access, eg cleaner can turn alarm on/off between 9am-1pm on mondays.


P.S. can zwave be sniffed? i know it has a limited range but is there some type of security to prevent sniffing? otherwise all somebody would need to do to break through your deadlock is set up a sniffer as you leave for work in the morning. Any thoughts?

Yes, Zwave can be sniffed. If you have the ZDK you could sniff the traffic but in regards to the door lock, the traffic is encrypted by AES 128. Also, the door locks probably wont be out until Feb. 09.

but if doorlocks are AES128 encrypted doesn’t that mean that controllers like MiCasaVerde will also need to have this capability?


Realistically, sniffing z-wave traffic at residential location is just as impractical as trying to hack WPA protected Wi-Fi network. Intruder should have very special reason to do it - he’ll have to be at the location for possibly long time, neighbors will see him… It’s much easier to simply break in. All this short range access stuff isn’t need to be ultimately secure, it just has to be not easily hackable, rendering the effort worthless.

Remote access is totally different matter though…

but if doorlocks are AES128 encrypted doesn't that mean that controllers like MiCasaVerde will also need to have this capability?

Yes, we have 5.02 release firmware in Vera so that we support the encryption