Wayne Dalton Thermostat

Good Afternoon everybody,

I’m a new user of the Vera 2 unit and just installed my Wayne Dalton Thermostat.

I can get it to pair no problem but I think it’s showing up as a light switch not a thermostat. I can only
turn it on and off I can’t control the temp remotely.

Am I doing something wrong?

the manual for the thermostat says I should be able to control the temp.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


This is usually an indication that you held down the “Bind” button on the WD thermostat too long while pairing with the Vera. WD calls this a “compatibility mode” so the thermostat would sort of work with Z-wave controllers that did not support the thermostat class (basically, older controllers). Unpair your WD thermostat from the Vera, and then try to pair it again, only this time, press the “Bind” button and release it very quickly. Do not hold it down at all, simply press and release very quickly while the Vera is in pairing mode. Your Vera should now recognize your device as a thermostat. Let us know if this works for you. Good luck!

Thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate it I will give this a shot.

Thank you