Wayne Dalton thermostat reading isn't correct on the dashboard

Is anyone finding that the thermostat reading on the dashboard is fixed at some value, and doesn’t report any changes?

My dashboard shows the temperature to be 71F, no matter what the true temperature is on the thermostat itself.

Mine works fine. What version are you using?

I’m using 1.1.1047.

Maybe reset the thermostat by removing the cover (I wish you luck clipping it back on :slight_smile: )along with the batteries and see if that helps? Maybe its not sending this data to Vera?

The only issue I saw durin the testing for UI4 was in really early versions where it didn’t report anything.

You may also want to try to reconfigure the device. Open cp.mios.com and open your dashboard. Click on the settings wrench on the T/Stat under devices. On the settings tab, click configure node right now. This will update the settings, check things out.

I found a few devices needed to be reconfigured after the 1.1.1047 upgrade from 1.1.992 for whatever reason. Nothing broken, just needed reconfig’s.

Thanks everyone.

I had to remove the device from the dashboard and Vera, and re-add to the network.

It finally works correctly.

Glad to hear it is again working. :slight_smile:

One of mine did that last week and I just reconfigured and then polled and it worked again.

So far mine has been accurate (I calibrate it to match my indoor/outdoor thermometer clock), but if it is ever off by 1 degree you should dismiss that as a rounding error and don’t bother re-adding it.

How do you calibrate it? I dare not touch any of the buttons on the front of mine for fear that it will pop off! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, you’ll have to pull the cover off. There is a small switch on the back of the thermostat body. When you turn it on you are in calibration mode and you can adjust the temp up or down 3 degrees using the buttons on the front.

I don’t remember if you had said in earlier posts that your tabs were broken (the ones that the thermostat body clips against on the mounting plate), I just remember someone had that problem. If your clips are still good, I have found that if I get all of the wire out of the way (see picture) that the body clips on securely. I also just noticed that it works best to start with the bottom edge and pivoting from there, push the top in until it clicks and then press on both sides to make sure they’re clicked in…something else I hadn’t noticed before that there are clips on the sides and top only. I guess this is so the contact pins slide into their receptacles from their open top to make contact on the mounting plate. I had previously just kind of crammed it on.

Yep, That was me, I have one tab missing.