Wayne Dalton HA-04WD

Anyone know how to add this to Vera/MIOS if it was already added to another z-wave network before? I can’t find any info on resetting this outdoor switch. Thanks.



I don’t have this device, but have you tried removing (excluding) it with Vera, similar to how you add things, but choose remove instead; then press the button on the device to be removed? Then try to add it.

Excellent - that worked!

I didn’t think to do that since it was added to a Leviton network - before I had upgraded to the much cooler Vera :slight_smile: and I had already reset and added all the Leviton controllers to Vera before excluding any nodes. The Leviton switches are nice since they can all be reset directly by pressing and holding the buttons then quickly added to Vera through the normal include process. I thought I had to exclude from the Leviton network first (or reset the switch manually) then add – I’m glad the Vera was able to reset it via the exclude process.

Thanks for your help!

Any primary controller can do a reset on any Z-Wave device in any network 8)