water pressure? (or analog inputs)

Anyone ever see any zwave product that would report water pressure? Looking for some way to use
vera for getting current water pressure at my cabin.

Yeah I can do it with other devices or sbc setups, but would prefer to incorporate this info in one spot.

I found an Insteon device has something that seems to be what I would like to see in zwave…


This has analog inputs that could be connected to a sending unit (water or oil pressure sending unit)

Haw anyone tweaked around with any kind of analog input to zwave devices??

Since its Insteon, Vera can support it. I haven’t seen any zwave based I/O modules.

Hmmm… I never thought of that… of course they only list 2 insteon devices here

Guess the best thing to do is order one and see if it shows up and is usable. If not I can always
send it back.

You know you need to get the Insteon Modem in order for Vera to talk to an Insteon device. I suppose you can return that too though.