Was there a hacker attack on the forum?

Hello everyone,

Last night the forum suddenly stopped working and a page in a form I was unfamiliar with was displayed. A little later the forum worked again, but the posts from the last two days were missing. Was there a hacker attack or other outage and a backup from two days ago was restored?

Are the missing posts still being reconstructed, or do they have to be recreated?

Hello Odysee,

No. It was a maintenance. We are waiting for the response of the department in charge to know more about the posts that disappeared.

Have a great day!

Any news regarding this? Otherwise I would recreate the post.

I have already recreated the lost topic. It would still be great if there was an answer :wink:

I think they had to do a restore on the forum db and a few days posts were lost. Not ideal but that’s what I heard.