[Warning] Transfer from VeraLite to VeraEdge is buggy

as I lost a few nights for two weeks, I’ll spare yours.

The transfer procedure to the new VeraEdge in the wiki is buggy !

Although this manipulation copies the Zwave network and the home id, the node id of the Edge controller is not ‘1’.
According to GetVera support, it seems that it’s due to the different versions of the zwave chip (Zwave and Zwave+).

Zwave devices reports their state changes to the controller to which they have been paired (same home id and node id of the controller).
In case of a standard configuration, your former VeraLite has a node id ‘1’. If you follow the transfer procedure, the VeraEdge will have a node id different from ‘1’.
It will be able to send orders to zwave devices but will not be notified in case of state changes.

ie, what you will see :

  • powered devices can be controlled by VeraLite and VeraEdge. Status of battery operating and powered devices is just updated on VeraLite (switch by hand or trigger). Reconfiguring these devices do not solve the issue (still paired with the initial controller node id)
  • devices newly paired with VeraEdge (powered and battery operating) are working properly
  • two Vera boxes can not work simultaneously on the same Zwave network (at least Zwave and Zwave+)

The only solution I’ve found is to exclude all zwave devices and pair them again with VeraEdge.

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Hey, thanks for the advice! And how did you fix it? I have just order my edge and I will migrate from my lite when it arrives. I am having a lot of memory issues with my lite.