Wanna be developer for personal use

I have experience programming in visual basic and c++ and I would like to develop a programme that will allow me to control Vera on my laptop without having to log in to the Internet. I am a quadriplegic and I rely on the system to control my environment and whenever the Internet is down I am left basically stranded. I want to write the programme that is responsive to windows voice recognition. Could someone point me in the right direction as to what software I need, and what I need to know to achieve this. I am a quick learner. Thanks in advance.

You don’t need to do anything. You can access the web interface of Vera over the local network. Just connect to it’s local address with a web browser. If you do want to write something I would look at http://clinkc.sourceforge.net/. It’s a C library for communicating with uPNP.

In order to connect locally to your Vera you’ll have to know it’s ip address if you have already a main router.
You can find it from your router logs or if you go to http://findvera.com , from the same network as your Vera, allow the unsecured connections and at the bottom of the page click on the green button “Setup Vera on my home network”

If Vera connects directly to the internet or you don’t have any cable into its WAN port you can connect you laptop in one of the LAN ports and go to http://local.findvera.com (if you manually modified the network settings and disable dhcp this won’t work)