Wall plates for toggle switches that fit better

I’ve been putting in a few Z wave toggle switches (GE/Jasco and Zooz) in boxes with 2 or more switches. But I’ve noticed that these switches have a flat surface whereas the manual switches indent a bit. The wall plates have some bumps on the back that match the indent of the manual switches. The net result is that the wall plates stick out a bit when I use the Z wave toggle switches. Is there any solution to this? Am I using them incorrectly? I suppose I could shave down the bumps somehow. Are there other wall plates that work better? I have several places where I only want to replace one switch in a 2 or 4 gang box. Thanks.

Assuming you’re referring to paddle switches, I have A) absolutely no idea what you’re talking about and B) never had an issue anything at all like you describe.

Can you post some pics of the problem areas on the switches you have?

Toggle switches, not paddle switches. I’ve attached 3 pictures. One of the old switch (slightly bigger than usual) - note that at the red marks I added it is indented. Another is the new switch which has a completely flat surface. And the last is the back of the wall plate. The bumps on the back of the wall plate prevent the plate from getting close enough to the switch, so the wall plate itself has a gap to the wall.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

Just get the new vinyl wall plates. Those ridges on older plates were to add strength and stability so that the plate wouldn’t bend and break. The newer plates are much more durable and don’t need to be made more rigid. So, there’s no ridges behind them like that.