Wall mounted tablet or iPad control center + digital picture frame? Possible?

Afternoon all… I’m remodeling and want to mount a iPad or Tablet to the wall and have it act as a control center for my VeraPlus but also use it as a digital picture frame. Any thoughts on how I can accomplish this? I would want to stream images from my computer hard drive (PC). Having some trouble to figure this out…

I would go for an andriod tablet. It is easier to “tweak” and cheaper.

For controller I am using theese apps: imperihome, motion detector, tasker and autostart
There are several sites with info on how to use motion detector, tasker and autostart.

You could use the above mentioned apps to controll what app to show and when. I have my tablet configured to turn on the display when there is motion in front of the front camera and turn it off if no motion is detected in x secconds. The home button is configured to show the startpage of imperihome.

I dont use my tablet as a picture frame, but I am sure you could find a suitable app for that.

Do you find mounting the tablet horizontally or vertically is better?

Good question! Was wondering the same thing.

If you are planing to use the tablet as a picture frame I think it is best with a horizontally mount. Otherwise I think it is a matter of taste.

I have mounted my tablet horizontally on my fridge door by using magnetic tape on the back side of the tablet.


How do you charge the tablet on the fridge?

I have replaced the power outlet behind the fridge to a power outlet that has a builtin USB connector. From that have a long USB cable to the tablet.

Do you have it running through your fridge or around the outside?

The cable runs around the outside. I had plans to drill some holes and run the cable through the fridge door. But since the connector was on the side of the tablet, it would have been diffucult to get it looking good.

Pictures when your ready would be nice.


I bought this (sDock) a while back, which allows you to rotate the mount, and when there is no iPad, it’s a basic picture frame.

My plan is to use an old iPad, running HomeWave and Panics StatusBoard.

I’m just waiting to find some time to install it, but I’ve been saying that for a long time now :slight_smile:

My original plan was to make a flush mount in one of my kitchen cabinet doors using a electrical wood router. I never got around to that. Instead I went for an easier and quicker soloution with magnetic tape and a mount on my fridge door.

Thought about buying a wall mount too but ended up buying a second hand iPad2, a second hand docking station, installed Homewave and can now control my Vera3 from the cabinet in the living room.

very nice!

This is how I did it. Then I ended up using store bought picture frames that i routed out more in back to fit over the tablet. Looks great and pretty inexpensive.

You definitely have options for how you can tackle this. Out of the box, Android makes it easier as long as you’re dealing what a fairly recent version of Android.

Open up the Display settings and choose “Daydream”. Enable it, set it to Daydream while charging, and choose a source for photos. If you tie it to a Google+ account and point it to the photos (or a specific album), you can add photos to the album from a PC and they will automatically become part of the slide show. Daydream effectively becomes your “Screen Saver”. Once you’re done using your management app, the screen times out and Daydream starts.

However, you may not need the 100% automation of the digital frame. In that scenario, you would manually swap between two applications: the management app and the digital frame. For this, either kind of tablet would work.

As an example, for an iPad, you could use a photo application like Picmatic. It’s free, although you would need the Pro version ($1.99) if you wanted to display only a single photo at a time (there are a variety of other options in the free one, but all show at least two photos on the screen at a time), and you can choose which photo album to pull photos from. If you configure the iPad for WiFi sync, you can manually change out the photos that are on the device via iTunes on your PC without ever having to move the tablet. Or, you could set it up to access photos from My Photo Stream which would always be getting updated with the latest photos you take on your iPhone or those that you “upload” into Photos from your PC using the app.

Double-Click the Home button, choose the management app, do what you need to do, Double-Click the Home button, choose the Picmatic app, walk away.