Wall mounted Switch

Here’s my issue, I am living in an rented condo right now, and I want to do as little tinking as possible with the wiring. not to mention, switches are just not in the right place. so in theory, they are all taped up

I have a Vera and I want to wall mount a switch that I can control scene’s that i have created. I got a GE 45631, but that does not control the vera, it just gets a copy of a scene (and really never works) but I love the idea of how it looks!

what options do i have out there, something that is not too expensive, but will trigger the veralite to run a scene. for example, I have a scene that when I am ready to go to sleep, turns on my hallway light for 5 min, and then turns on my bedroom like for 5 min, and then turns off those lights in 20 min. so I want a button that can activate that scene, and others like it!

I was thinking of just mounting an old android phone on the wall, but not sure if that will work fast enough.



You may want to try the GE 43600 Z-Wave basic handheld remote

for $13, you cannot overlook the value, even though it tends to be a bit dodgy and run other scenes for no apparent reason. If you can deal with that, you have a very cheap handheld remote that can run many scenes. There is a lot of support in the forum for the device.

good luck

That is a SHAME! I was hoping to replace a gangbox with it! it was a good deal. for $13 i might yank that one apart and see what i can do to make it look good.

If you want wall mount and not permanent, you might consider the Intermatic HA07C. Every photo you see shows it as tabletop, but it can also be wall mounted with two screws. It works fine with Vera with the exception of the shifted scenes 10-12. Scenes 1-9 all work.

thanks, yea, might order that, i was just hoping to have something that would fit in a gang box and replace a switch that I want on all the time (there is a movement sensor on that one)

thanks tho. I will do that.

+1 on the HA07. I have five of them scattered around the house for initiating Vera Scenes.

Wayne-Dalton also produces the HA07.

I think the Intermatic CA5100 is what you want if you can still find them. This seller on Amazon appears to have them: