VRCS2 - what should it look like in MiOS

I have a VeraLite and recently purchased a Leviton VRCS2. I’m using this to control 2x Aeotec micro switches; neither of the load lines of the VRCS2 are terminated.

I had a lot of trouble adding the device, when it finally did load I see 3 new devices on my dashboard:
1x _2 button scene controller (scene)
2x _2 button scene controller (switch)

The (switch) seems to be OK, however both of the (scene) devices are indicating “Device Failed to Configure”. Furthermore, on a stress test, neither of them is “ping-able”.

Would the behaviour I’m seeing be caused by the fact there are no direct loads? Is there something obvious I should try to fix?

many thanks,

Curious… I had an extra device that had been orphaned. When I permanently deleted it with: http://myIP:3480/data_request?id=device&action=delete&device=DEVICE_ID, the VRCS2 also deleted. Looks like I’m going to get another try to re-add it… hopefully it works this time!

Three devices, one scene controller and two switches is appropriate.

Whether the load wires are connected to loads or not has no impact. However the load wire will be hot when switches. When I use this switch without attaching a load, I cap the load wire and configure the switch to operate the local load anyway as if a load were attached. This provides a “thunk” sound from the relay when the switch is pressed.

Your inability to configure sounds like a communications issue.

My best results with this switch have been using the configuration described in this thread.

See also this thread if you want to enable local load control on VRCS2 with Vera:


I finally got it to include. Took many trys… the only way I got it to work correctly was to use battery mode. It would not work any other way… very odd!

Thanks for the links!