VRCS2-MRZ - loss of half of local control

I followed the direction in this link:


And the switches appeared in and worked correctly - local on/off and Vera on/off. I added them to a Good Night scene to turn them off and all was well.

The next day I turn them on locally, and both lights turn on. Later, I go to turn them off locally, and the LED responds green on the button push and both lights do not turn off. I can now only turn them off via Vera. Tried again later, same issue - I can turn them on locally, but not turn them off locally.

I tried removing them from my goodnight scene and the same issue still exist - local on works, local off does not.

Does anyone have any ideas to try?



Did you run a heal network or change the FW after you installed them?
Mine only broke after doing one of the above.

Try double tapping the switch to turn it off. If that works, It’s possibly a broken association issue and well documented here on the forum for this and other Leviton devices.

But maybe your issue is something else. How are you turning it off within Vera, the Off button or via a scene?


No firmware change after the install. Also, the double-tap does not turn off the lights locally.

I had one of mine fail like this a week after it was installed. I sent it back and got a free replacement.

I swapped out the switch with a new one. It (so far) is working correctly as two independent switches with local load control as well as Zwave control. No scene controller was added during the include.

Thanks for the swap out idea.

Just curious for a follow-up after a few months - does your new VRCS2 work fine still? I am completely fed up with my VRCS2 switches - I haven’t added anything to my Z-Wave network for months, but they suddenly and permanently lose connectivity to the Zwave network. All of my other Leviton gear works fine and I don’t have problems with any other gear losing connectivity to my network, but my three VRCS2 switches lose it every two months or so. Removing them and re-adding them is also a crap shoot - sometimes only one local load shows up. I’ve had great experiences with all other Leviton gear - my advice to anyone looking for these is to stay far away (although I’m not aware of any alternatives unfortunately).

Since my last update I did loose connectivity once. I excluded/included and it has been fine. But my guess is that it will happen again.

I am about to add a 2nd switch. Not very confident in the longevity.

So [tt]Poll now[/tt] (etc.) fails for the scene controller, as well as the two switch devices? Do the scenes you had defined still work, i.e. does pushing the physical buttons still operate the devices they are associated with?

The local loads can be included/excluded separately (as long as the scene controller is (still) included).