Voice Command for MCV

Another “wild” thought after going through homeseer software capabilities (believe started with hal).

Is it possible to have a Voicegateway interface to Vera or a secondary controller to interpret voice commands to do certain functions. I wont mind even if I have to use my phone as a media or an alternate.

Pointers will be appreciated



I submitted a .Net voice command solution as an application to the “Developer Special”. Its been 3 and a half weeks since submission and i really don’t know if they plan on accepting it. Its a pretty sweet and simple interface for interpreting voice commands and launching actions through Vera’s web interface. I look forward to sharing with the community… if only I could get support - my dongle has never worked since I received the unit 1 week ago.

The voice command software will run on most any PC and works great in my testing, though I haven’t been able to test it against a functioning Vera unit.

@lescombs was doing some work on voice control of Vera. Maybe you guys should collaborate on this.

I’d love to come home and say “Hello, Sarah” (Self Actuated Residential Automated Habitat) and have control of my house.

Oh for sure, @lescombs hit me up! I’m pretty much done with the basics of my interface, but it could use more testing and we could probably add some cool features to it.

That and my Vera doesn’t find any of my devices so I really don’t know how well it will work unless I add fake Dev devices, but whats the point of that?!

My program doesn’t use the phone, however, that is a pretty neat feature. My software is designed around my setup - a Media Center PC (running Win 7) centrally located in the house. It has a web cam with a decent area mic that I would use to grab the voice commands. I look forward to sharing, however, I’d like to wait and see if MCV awards me a Developer Special. And I would need my dongle to function as intended.

I am using Dragon NaturallySpeaking to operate my lights. I tried to use the Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice commands at findvera.com using Firefox as my browser. VoiceCommands works with most websites, but it wouldn’t work with this one. However, I found that I could use voice commands with the mobile application for Vera at findvera.com/mobile. I didn’t use the smart phone or the Blackberry interface, but the generic one. (Excuse my terminology.) The print screen for the first page is below:

When I open Firefox, I see the words voice commands in the toolbar. When I say “VOICE COMMANDS” Firefox goes to the page with the above. I can then save the scene that I want such as “OFF UPSTAIRS” and that command is executed. If I say the name of a room, I go to that page and save the command for a scene.

I use a Plantronics wireless C550 microphone that has a long range. I can use it anywhere in my house.

BIGCONSUMER, I thought there was some way that I could send you an e-mail through this forum website, and provide you with my e-mail address. But I seem to have forgotten how to do that.

By the way, I have about 30 dimmer switches, eight outdoor modules, two Hawking’s motion sensors, one door/window/date sensor, one Linksys wireless camera, one Schlage lock, and two Wayne Dalton thermostats.


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dial2do could be a perfect match for dial-in voice control; they even have HTTP POST “response” on voice command, but not in format compatible with Vera…

No, Vera is a dignified woman and won’t respond to a different name! ;D

@lescombs, I did get your email - thank you for contacting me. At this point I am still unable to get a response from MCV as to whether or not they will approve my Voice Command app for the Developer Special.

I am also unable to receive any information on how to obtain the correct dongle, they sent me the EU version and I don’t live in Europe so it doesn’t work with any of my devices. I’ve sent emails and tried calling, no luck.

Once these two hurdles are overcome and I can actually test how well my Voice Command app works I will be happy to collaborate with any interested parties to support a great solution for Vera. Does anybody know how to get a new (North American) dongle? Please?

Not sure if it would be appropriate, but I bet you could get the a new dongle using the dongle recall program… the trick is for them to send you a US version for the EU version you send in…


They have been responsive to me and others on the forum in the past.

If they shipped you an EU dongle with what should have been a US version on Vera, it sounds like they might have a packaging problem that could be effecting more customers than you.

Good luck!

@Jacobly - Thanks, today I was able to get in contact with somebody at Vera. They gave me the address to send it in but I’m responsible for the shipping to them for some reason. I guess my Vera is worth more cause it cost me $6.95 (FedEx Ground) more than any of you paid! :stuck_out_tongue:

I look forward to posting back with a link to the Voice Command app once I receive the dongle and get all setup.