Voice Activation Crashing on Android

Maybe someone can help? Last night I went to use the voice activation control for my scenes on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and I get a message that it has crashed. Have rebooted my phone with no positive results. The app itself works fine, just not the voice activation feature.

anyone else seeing if this issue? Any solutions?

thanks in advance!

Which version of the app are you running? I just posted new versions for and a new alpha to fix the Voice Recognition crashes.

  • Garrett

Thanks for hep Garrett…GREAT APP!!!
This app is what keeps me on VERA…seriously :o)

As soon as the problem started last night, I uninstalled and installed from Google Play again. Current VER I have running is

BTW - Running 1.5.622 on Master and Slave VERA Lite Units if that is of any help…


The Google Play update did it…incredible respect for the skills and the attention to detail on the issue!!

Reinstall last night inspired me to clean up my app settings anyway :o)

Thanks again!!

PS: This is SO much better than the Clapper :stuck_out_tongue: LOL