I have a Vera Smart Home Controller with Firmware 1.7.919 . I installed a 2-Scene Duplex Wall Switch and before pairing the switch works fine - each button turns the connected load on and off from the switch. I added the device using the generic Z-Wave device and it is detected as a 2 button scene cont and two devices are added each for one button on the switch. From the Devices window I have edited the name and added to the room I wanted. I can turn each load on and off by clicking the radio button on the device page. Vera controls the load perfectly.
NOW for my problem. When the Switch is paired to Vera the buttons on the switch are disabled. I cannot walk up to the switch and turn the load on or off on either of the 2 switch buttons. The only was to control the lights is from the Vera Devices page. If I unpair the 2-Scene controller then the buttons work.
Also the LED’s do not turn on when the switch is off like they should. I have several single switches and the LED is on when the switch is off and LED off when the switch is on as expected.
I am not knowledgeable on programing but I expect there is a change I could make in the device Settings or Advanced or Device Options tab but do not see anything obvious.
Any help in updating so the switch buttons work and LED’s indicate the status would really be appreciated.
Thank you,

On this device, the buttons are scene controllers that must be associated with the switches/relays for local load control. When included, the association doesn’t exist and must be created by Vera. If you search, you’ll find that there are LOTS of threads discussing different ways to configure this switch and get it working.

It’s a tough switch to get working as desired, especially to get the LED control working as desired. This thread produced the best results for local load control and LED syncing on the VRCS2-MRZ. The thread was based on UI5, but it remains much the same in UI7.